Sightshitting, the innovative design concept for a public toilet with a view of a landmark. Situated diagonally across from the Karlskirche, the structure of the public toilet is partially embedded into the ground, seamlessly integrating with the existing park scenery.

Taking inspiration from the surroundings, the design incorporates existing trees, bringing them to the level of the building itself. The trees serve a dual purpose, acting as a reinterpretation of the act of „peeing on a tree“ for the men’s restroom and transforming into elegant dressing tables for the women’s restroom. This creative blend of nature and function adds an element of surprise and delight to the overall experience.

The toilet cabins, shaped like elliptical pods, protrude from the building, providing an additional seating area on top. This feature not only serves as an extension of the toilet space but also offers an elevated viewpoint for visitors to admire the nearby landmark while taking a break.

The creative vision behind Sightshitting has earned a architectural design competition.

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