Hey there, my name is Joschi and I’m an architect, photographer, and artist from Vienna, Austria. When I was young, I discovered the possibilities of image editing and 3D programs and I fell in love with the ability to turn my fantasies into pictures. Since then, my creative ideas and illustrations have helped me excel as an architect and designer, and I’ve even won some awards along the way.

I studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna and made my diploma with honors, designing a luxury superyacht. Today I’m working with small and large brands as a designer and photographer. I’m also a passionate traveler and love gathering inspiration from all over the world.

My skill set includes architecture design, 3D animations, VR, graphics, photography, video, and AI.

Creativity and design are my passions, and I’m always exploring new avenues and pushing the boundaries of my craft. I hope that my work is an inspiration to many people and I’m grateful for all those who believed my crazy mind and created new things together to make the world a little better.

    Graduaded with honor in Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna in 2012. Winner of the golden A-Design Award in Yacht Design. Working as an architect and interior designer since 2011..
    Self-taught. First steps as a child, taking pictures with analogue cameras. Later played a lot with Photoshop and the possibilities of digital photography. My first professional SLR I bought in 2009. From that on my hobby in photography become also a business.
  • ART
    Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, but it is even more personal than that: it’s about sharing the way we experience the world. With my skills in photography, 3D and AI I try to show my view of the world and hope to inspire others with a different perspective.