As the world becomes increasingly digital and technology advances at an unprecedented pace, many people are starting to wonder about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives. While some fear that AI will eventually take over and make humans obsolete, others see the potential for AI to improve our lives in countless ways. This was the inspiration behind my personal art project, „TERMINATOR IS BACK“.
The project is a satirical take on the annual „Person of the Year“ feature published by TIME Magazine. Instead of featuring a human individual or group, the project asks the question, „What if AI was named the Person of the Year?“ It’s a thought-provoking concept that invites viewers to consider the role of AI in our lives and whether it deserves recognition for its contributions. One of the key themes of the project is the idea that AI can be a force for good in the world. While popular media often depicts AI as a menacing force that will eventually turn against us.
The question is, what would it take for an AI entity to be considered for this honor? This could be in the form of medical breakthroughs, environmental preservation, or any number of other positive contributions to society.
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